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10 Effective Approaches for Facilitating Children’s Quran Memorisation in 2024

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Embark on Your Quran Memorisation Journey!

Your child’s Quranic education is as much a challenge for you as it is for them. The best strategy to support their education is to strengthen your existing connection with the Quran. Start by learning Tajweed if you haven’t already. “Tajweed Untangled” by Learning Roots is an excellent resource for perfecting Tajweed. Once you have mastered Quranic recitation, revise familiar Surahs and memorise new ones. Engaging in Tafsir (exegesis) of the Surah that your child is memorising can also be beneficial.

Never Too Late, The Earlier, the Better

Seize upon the receptiveness and purity of young minds for learning and memorisation. Make the most of the sponge-like quality of children’s brains to absorb what is presented to them. Lay a foundation for Islamic and Quranic learning in the early years and understand that there is no wrong age for memorising the Holy Quran. Persistence and patience are more important than age.

Cultivate A Harmonious Environment

Create a supportive environment for your child’s Quran memorisation routine. Designate a suitable space for their daily lessons and eliminate unhealthy distractions. Show appreciation and reward them for their efforts and achievements. Create consistent habits with study times that align with your child’s natural rhythm. Encourage them by engaging with other families at mosques and consider including the guidance of a professional Quran teacher.

Recite, Repeat, Revise

Follow the Prophet’s advice to stay close to the Quran and capitalise on children’s natural tendency to imitate those around them. Regularly listening to proficient recitations aids in quick memorisation. Embrace revision and repetition of learned passages to fortify their memory.

Share Stories from the Quran

Enhance your child’s connection with the Quran by narrating stories from it. Books like “101 Seerah Stories & Dua” and “365 Days with the Quran” vividly portray Quranic accounts, aiding your child’s understanding of the chapters they are memorising.

Create a Quran-Friendly Bedtime Routine

Utilise bedtime to revise daily lessons and discuss upcoming ones. Encourage reading translations to unwind. “My First Quran with Pictures-Juz Amma” is an excellent resource for understanding the meaning of Juz Amma.

Make the Quran Memorising Lessons Fun and Engaging

Participate in your child’s revisions to make them enjoyable. Introduce challenges, time each other, and reward achievements with Quran stickers and badges. Engaging in the process makes it a shared journey.

Salah For Kids to Memorise the Quran

Integrate Quran revision into daily prayers. Allocate memorised portions for your children to recite during Salah. Books like “Eliyas Explains Why Should I Pray My Salah” can enhance their understanding of prayer.

Games, Quizzes, and More

Infuse fun into memorisation with games and quizzes. Resources like the “Quran Verses Quiz” and the “Awesome Quran Quiz” can test and enhance Quran memory skills.

Dua, Sabr, and Shukr

Above all rely on guidance and support through prayer. Regularly renew your intentions, and pray for your child’s engagement with the Quran. Seek patience and gratitude throughout their Quranic journey.

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