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10 Principles for Approaching the Quran with Respect

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Introduction: The Holy Quran is globally the most sacred and revered book, revealed over 23 years to the last Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). As the unadulterated word of the Lord Almighty, it holds a unique place and serves as a source of divine guidance for all Muslims.

Teaching Manners to the Young: Imparting the etiquette and manners of handling and reading the Holy Quran to younger children and those who are new to Islam requires patience and thorough teaching. In their curiosity and eagerness to learn, the Quran may be treated as an ordinary book. However, with proper guidance, everyone can learn to handle it with utmost respect.

10 Manners for Reading the Quran:

  1. Perform Wudu Before Beginning Reading:
    • Handling the Quran requires clean hands. It is essential to perform wudu (ablution) before reading.
    • Wudu attains mental and spiritual clarity as well as physical purity.
  1. Sit Respectfully While Reading the Quran:
    • Sitting with respect while reading and handling the Quran reflects the admiration it is due because of its divine origin.
  1. Place the Quran in an Elevated Position:
    • Place the Quran in a high position on a dedicated wooden bookrest or high pillow to acknowledge its elevated status.
  1. Hold the Quran in Your Right Hand:
    • Following the Prophet’s Sunnah, hold the Quran in your right hand, symbolizing virtuous actions.
  1. Recite Istiaazah and Basmalah:
    • Recite Istiaazah (“I seek refuge with Allah from Satan, the Accursed.”) and Basmalah (“In the Name of Allah—the Most Compassionate, Most Merciful.”) before reading.
  1. Recite at a Slow Pace:
    • Recite the Quran slowly to enhance comprehension and reduce the likelihood of errors.
  1. Follow Tajweed Rules:
    • Pronounce words carefully, following Tajweed rules to maintain the accurate meaning of verses.
  1. Do Not Talk During Quran Recitation:
    • Eliminate mobile phones and other distractions and avoid talking to maintain focus.
  1. Fulfil Every Requirement of the Quran:
    • Acknowledge Sajdah (prostration) marks in verses, performing Sajdah immediately and pausing at appropriate places.
  1. Praise Allah SWT:
    • Conclude your Quran reading with praise to Allah for guiding you to His Holy Book.

Following these manners ensures a respectful and profound engagement with the Holy Quran.

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