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Advanced Arabic Programme

Well-designed Arabic Lessons for Adults

“Our Arabic classes for adults are designed for both beginners and experienced to give excellent fluency in the Arabic language. Schedule Arabic lessons online now!”

About this course 
Arabic classes for adults at Jammiaalquran are designed to help you master the Arabic language regardless of yourexpertise or experience. Whether you need to cover the basics for the first time, are looking for a refresher course, orwant to move on to the next level in your study, we can help. Our teachers and tutors are experts in their field and know how to get the best from every student.

Course features  
Arabic lessons for adults start with what you know and develop your knowledge and skills so  you can become fluent in Arabic. Our courses cover reading, writing, speaking, and  understanding Arabic to advanced levels.

Have you always wanted to master the sciences in the Arabic language?

At Jammiaalquran, we are experts in teaching the advanced Arabic sciences through the combination of cutting-edge technology and experienced experts in the field. During this course, you will study advanced subjects such as Nah Surf and Balagha.

The advanced Arabic course is perfect for those who have completed our advanced classical  Arabic course and want to take their studies to the next level.

With Jammiaalquran, you can undertake Arabic courses for adults online or in the classroom. One of the many benefits of Arabic online lessons is that you can learn in the comfort of your home while still having full access to materials and support.

Our tutors use state-of-the-art technology to deliver Arabic learning classes designed with the learner at their core. Lessons balance learning new information and practising the skills already obtained. 

What you will learn 
At Jammiaalquran, you will learn to read, write, speak and understand Arabic. You will work  through a structured curriculum designed to take you from novice to expert in the shortest  possible time. 

Our Arabic lessons for beginners include learning introductions and greetings, daily life,  family topics, and essential elements of the home. Once you have mastered these elements, you’ll learn prayer vocabulary, food and drink vocabulary, and terms related to work and study.  

Other aspects covered in our Arabic classes for beginners include units on hobbies, places,  people, and the weather.
We follow this with lessons on health, vacation, travelling, and  Hajj and Umrah.  

As you move towards more advanced Arabic lessons, you will learn more about the Islamic  world, family, parenting,
marriage and understanding equality.

Our Mission 
Our mission at Jammiaalquran is to provide you with the tools you need to achieve  proficiency in the Arabic language through: 

  • Reading – our students leave us able to understand and read a range of texts from basic to advanced. 
  • Writing – Completing Arabic classes for adults with us will enable you to write increasingly more complex
    words and sentences.  
  • Understanding – through our Arabic lessons for adults, you’ll be able to understand discourse and
    ideas on a wide range of topics.  
  • Speaking – Our Arabic learning program is designed so that you can confidently handle a  variety of
    communicative tasks.  

How does learning Arabic with us work?  
The first step to becoming fluent in Arabic is getting in touch with our team. We can answer  any questions and book you in for a free evaluation session.  

Our evaluation session determines your level of knowledge and confidence in Arabic. Once  completed, we can suggest the proper class level for you, whether you need Arabic classes  for beginners or a more advanced course. If you need an Arabic alphabet lesson, we can arrange this alongside any other assistance you need.  

Many of our students find our online classes for learning Arabic more suited to their busy lives. Our team will also discuss the best learning approach for you. If you are happy, sign up, choose your course, create your account, and we will provide you with your private Quran tutor and learning schedule. Once you receive your secure login details, you can start your journey to Arabic proficiency.

To find out more information or ask any questions, please kindly fill in the contact form or email us at

The fastest way to learn how to speak Arabic 
The fastest way to learn Arabic is by immersing yourself in the language while working with experienced and dedicated tutors. At Jammiaalquran, we provide the best male and female tutors with state-of-the-art technology to support your learning.  

Full benefits package 
We offer a range of student packages to suit your learning and financial needs. We can  accommodate your needs if you want one 30-minute class once a week or are looking at our hour-long classes.  

Talk to our team to find the right course package for you. For more information or to ask  any questions, please kindly fill in the contact form or email us at

Why choose us for Arabic learning for adults? 
Our Arabic classes are designed around your needs and abilities. Our courses are flexible, so you can complete as many or as few lessons each week as you need. Our experienced tutors  work with you to get exceptional results in the
quickest possible time. 

Most importantly, learning with Jammiaalquran is enjoyable, and it is known that when you  enjoy your learning, you learn faster and more effectively.

Rita Mae Brown

"Language is the road map of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going."

Frequently Asked Questions

You will find answers about our courses here. Please feel free to contact us if there is something we haven't covered in the answers below.

Yes, anyone can learn Arabic if they are determined enough and have access to the right  resources and teachers. We design our courses to meet your needs, whatever your  proficiency level or knowledge of Arabic.  

You learn quickest when taught enjoyably by experienced teachers with access to the latest  technology and teaching methods. Our students undertake Arabic language lessons online and learn at their own pace with access to all the tools and resources they need.  

No two students learn at the same pace. While one student may become fluent within six  months of dedicated and immersive study, another may take a year to reach the same  point. If you are dedicated and passionate and have the right teachers, you should gain a  good grasp of the language within three months.  

Arabic is considered one of the more challenging languages to learn. One of the reasons for  this is the complexity of the grammar. Another reason it is considered difficult is that the  text reads from right to left rather than left to right. The formation of letters and words can  also prove challenging. However, you can overcome these challenges by undertaking Arabic  classes for beginners with the right teacher.  

Yes. While there are stylistic and grammatical differences between English and Arabic that  may make learning Arabic more difficult initially, the right teacher and Arabic lessons for  adults can overcome this and make learning Arabic a fulfilling experience.  

Yes. Learning Arabic opens a whole new culture and learning experience. It is also vital if you  wish to take on Quranic studies and fully understand and immerse yourself in Islam and  Islamic culture.  

Several aspects make Arabic hard to learn. The script runs from right to left rather than left  to right, which is challenging, particularly for learners from the West. Arabic grammar is  complex, and most words are derived from a root of three or four consonants. Letters also  change shape depending on where they are in a word.

With the right teacher and resources, determination and passion, you can learn at least  the basics of the language in three months. It is vital to enrol on the best Arabic language  classes online if you are to achieve this goal. 

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