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Arabic Programme for Children

Well-designed Arabic Lessons for Children

Our online Arabic classes for kids are specially designed to teach them every aspect of the Arabic Language. Encourage your kids to join Arabic programme!”

About this course 
The younger your child starts to learn a new language, the easier it is for them to master it.
At Jammiaalquran, we understand what it takes to teach a child a new language. We have crafted a  set of exceptional
Arabic courses for children, coupled with our highly experienced male and female  Arabic teachers and cutting-edge
technology, to ensure your child’s learning journey is second to  none.

Course features  
Our Arabic courses for kids are divided into four exceptional levels, and by the end, your child will be  fluent in Arabic.
Here is a brief overview of the different course levels:

Arabic classes for kids beginner level are for students with little or no knowledge of Arabic. They  start with the Arabic
alphabet, after which they learn how to read and write Arabic letters and the  phonetics of the Arabic language.
Students learn basic vocabulary and short sentences such as  greetings, introductions, family members, etc.

Arabic lessons for kids intermediate level are ideal for students who have a basic understanding of the Arabic language
and would like to further their Arabic studies. At this level, students learn simple words, sentences, and dialogue about
toys, clothing and more.

The upper-intermediate Arabic classes for kids level is perfect for students who can answer  questions with long and
short sentences and who can narrate stories. Students study topics such as  direction, hobby, time, and seasons at this
level. We teach vocabulary to enhance the student’s understanding of the Arabic language.

Advanced level
Our advanced online Arabic classes for kids are for students who have proficiency in communicating on formal and
informal topics of their interests, can interact with some degree of fluency and can read and understand longer stories
and texts. Students learn about feelings, school, life, hobbies,  and much more at this advanced level.
Let your child’s Arabic journey begin by completing a free valuation. If you need more information or  advice, please fill
in our contact form or email us at

What you will learn
Through our Arabic courses for children, your child will learn to read, write, speak, and understand the Arabic
language. Our tutors immerse their students in the language to help with understanding and build confidence.
Your online Arabic tutor will start by understanding your child’s prior knowledge and understanding level. They then
build on this, providing appropriate texts and examples that the children will relate to and recognise.

Our Mission
Our mission at Jammiaalquran is to provide your child with the tools they need to achieve Arabic  language
proficiency. We do this through the following:

  • Reading – our students leave us able to read and understand various age and stage-appropriate texts.
  • Writing – Completing Arabic classes for kids with us will enable your child to write increasingly more complex
    words and sentences.
  • Understanding – through our Arabic lessons for kids, your child will be able to understand ideas and discourse
    on a variety of topics.
  • Speaking – Our children’s Arabic learning program is designed so that your child can communicate effectively
    and confidently.

How does learning Arabic with us work? 
The first step to your child becoming fluent in reading, writing and speaking Arabic is getting in touch  with our team.
We can answer any questions and book your child in for a free evaluation session.

Our evaluation session determines their level of confidence and knowledge in Arabic. Once  completed, we can suggest
the proper class level for your child, whether they need Arabic classes for novices or a more advanced course. We can
also arrange an Arabic alphabet lesson if required.  

Learning online allows your child to study Arabic in the comfort of their home with their parent  present. Our team
will discuss the best learning approach for your child. If you are happy, sign up,  choose the right course for your
child, create your account, and we will provide the details of their Arabic lessons for beginners, including their
learning schedule. Once you receive your secure login  details, your child can start their journey to Arabic

Let your child’s Arabic journey begin by completing a free valuation. If you need more information or would like any advice, please kindly fill in our contact form or email us at

We are specialists in teaching online Arabic lessons for Kids 
At Jammiaalquran, we provide experienced male and female Arabic teachers who work with the latest technology
and teaching methods to provide a curriculum that gets results. We work with  children of all ages and stages of
understanding in our Arabic online lessons and focus on making  learning enjoyable and engaging.  

How we help your child to learn  
We empower your child to speak, read, write and understand Arabic through immersive and engaging content. We
know that children who are engaged and enjoying their learning learn faster  and retain more information.  

Our teachers are experienced and dedicated to your child’s progress. Your private Arabic tutor will  use the latest
technology and teaching methods to develop your child’s skills and understanding. Our  tutors use real-life examples
and situations in their teaching so children can relate what they learn  online to their lives and families.  

The fastest way to learn how to speak Arabic 
A fully immersive curriculum taught by an experienced and passionate teacher is the best way to  learn anything, and
Arabic is no exception. Online Arabic classes for beginners start with what you  already know and build from there using
real-life examples and fully immersing you in the language  to gain the best results. As your grasp of the language
improves, and your confidence grows, you can  move through the intermediate and advanced courses. 

Full benefits package 
We offer a range of packages to suit your child’s learning needs and financial situation. We can  accommodate
individual Arabic learning classes as well as groups and families that wish to study  together. We have packages that
allow for 30-minute classes once a week and others that cater for  those looking for more lessons as well as longer

Talk to our team to find the right course package for your child. For more information or to ask any  questions, please
kindly fill in the contact form or email us at

Why choose us for Arabic learning for kids? 
You want the best possible learning experience for your children while knowing you are getting  value for money.
At Jammiaalquran, we put our students first and focus on providing the best  service possible. 

Our experienced male and female Arabic teachers provide Arabic lessons for kids using the latest  teaching methods
and technology to provide a curriculum that gets results. We work with the child  to develop proficiency and
confidence by making learning enjoyable and engaging.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"He who knows no foreign languages knows nothing of his own."

Frequently Asked Questions

You will find answers about our courses here. Please feel free to contact us if there is something we haven't covered in the answers below.

The best way for your child to learn Arabic is with a passionate and experienced tutor through online  classes for
learning Arabic. Your child’s knowledge and understanding will flourish with a dedicated,  enjoyable and immersive
curriculum designed around their needs.

Yes. Children tend to pick up new knowledge, skills, and concepts quicker than adults. Given the  right environment
and support, there is no reason why your child cannot become fluent in Arabic.

You learn quickest when taught enjoyably by experienced teachers with access to the latest  technology and teaching
methods. Our students undertake Arabic language lessons online and learn  at their own pace with access to all the
tools and resources they need.

No two students learn at the same pace. While one student may become fluent within six months of  dedicated and
immersive study, another may take a year to reach the same point. If you are  dedicated and passionate and have the
right teachers, you should gain a good grasp of the language  within three months.

Arabic is considered one of the more challenging languages to learn. One of the reasons for this is  the complexity of
the grammar. Another reason it is considered difficult is that the text reads from  right to left rather than left to right.
The formation of letters and words can also prove challenging.  However, you can overcome these challenges by
undertaking online Arabic classes for beginners with the right teacher.

Yes. While stylistic and grammatical differences between English and Arabic may make learning  Arabic more difficult
initially, the right teacher and Arabic classes for beginners can overcome this  and make online classes for learning
Arabic a fulfilling experience.

Yes. Learning Arabic opens a whole new culture and learning experience. It is also vital if you wish to  take on Quranic
studies and fully understand and immerse yourself in Islam and Islamic culture.

Several aspects make Arabic hard to learn. The script runs from right to left rather than left to right,  which is
challenging, particularly for learners from the West. Arabic grammar is complex, and most  words are derived from a
root of three or four consonants. Letters also change shape depending on  where they are in a word.

Yes, with the right teacher and resources, determination and passion, your child can learn at least  the basics of the
language in six months. Some children will pick the language up more quickly and  may progress to more advanced
Arabic lessons within this time frame. It is vital to enrol on the best  Arabic language classes online if you are to achieve
this goal.

Learn with the Best

Jammiaalquran is a leading online institute of excellence offering the finest standard of Quranic and Arabic Education worldwide whatever your level. Our approach to learning is ideal for children of all ages and abilities. We fit learning around your needs, so no matter how busy your life, you can learn with us.


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We provide the best possible Quranic and Arabic education to students from the age of four to adult learners.

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We cater to those starting their Quranic journey and experienced learners looking to brush up on their knowledge.

Our Mission

We offer all learners a positive, stimulating learning experience that builds self-respect and motivation.

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Learn in a small supportive group. Our tutors provide additional support where it is needed.
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