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“Our online Egyptian Quran teachers have ample experience in Quran teaching with the aim of spreading knowledge of the Quran & making you a master of recitation.”

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The beautiful country of Egypt

Have you ever wanted to travel to the beautiful country of Egypt? Have you already had a holiday in Egypt but felt that you didn’t blend in with the Egyptian culture? If the answer is yes, read on.


Qualities of our online Egyptian Quran teachers  
Our online Egyptian Quran teachers are highly skilled and qualified. They use the latest teaching methods and state-of-the-art technology to provide you with the best possible learning experience. 

All our online Quran teachers have command over their subject area. Our teachers are native Arabic speakers with superb recitation skills and experience in Arabic language research. They are experts in speaking, reading, and composing modern and classical Arabic and understand the nuances of Arabic grammar and structure.  

Tajweed and recitation skills are vital for proper pronunciation. Our teachers ensure accuracy in pronunciation and accent from the very beginning. Mistakes learned early on are difficult to fix once they become ingrained. 

Our tutors are skilled and professional teachers who specialise in teaching Arabic, Quranic  Arabic, and Egyptian Arabic to adults and children. They understand how to teach effectively and help you achieve your goals quickly.  

Every online Egyptian Quran teacher knows that your time is precious. They are punctual and make the most effective use of your scheduled lessons. They have high expectations of themselves and their students and expect nothing but the best.

You need dedication and passion to learn Arabic and our teachers lead by example. Their passion for the subject shines through their teaching and encourages students to do their best in their studies.  

How do you learn the Arabic language to understand the Quran? 
Learning Arabic to understand the Quran begins with understanding basic grammar and vocabulary. Immersing yourself in the language with a communicative Egyptian Quran teacher online helps you learn the language faster and memorise it easier.  

Modern Standard Arabic and Quranic Arabic are very similar. The main difference is that there are now words that did not exist when the Quran was written. If you are a complete novice, learning to speak, read, write, and understand Arabic will benefit you when you learn to recite and memorise the Quran.  

At Jammiaalquran, we offer a free evaluation lesson to determine your level of knowledge and skill and find the right course and teacher for your needs. For more information, contact us using the online contact form or by email at  

Why do people want to learn with an Egyptian Quran teacher? 
Arabichas regional variations. Words, phrases, and syntax change depending on the country where it is being spoken. While the root is the same, the differences are enough to make more extended conversations difficult and cause misunderstandings when visiting new places. 

Our Quran teachers from Egypt online will enable you to converse with and understand the Egyptian dialect in more detail. It will make understanding the nuances of the Egyptian dialect easier and allow you to converse more freely.  

Do you need Egyptian Arabic and Quran teachers like us? 
Yes.We only employ the very best Egyptian Arabic and Quran teachers. We ensure you get value for your money and the best possible learning experience. Our online Quran Arabic teacher works with you to get the best results in the shortest possible time.  

How to understand Quranic Arabic quickly and easily 
Online Egyptian Quran teachers are a vital part of understanding Quranic Arabic quickly and easily. You cannot truly learn and understand the Quran on your own, so the right teacher 
who can guide you through the process is vital. However, without the dedication to practice what you learn, you will not be able to memorise your lessons or the words of the Quran.  

How does it work?
Beginyour Quranic Arabic journey by booking a free evaluation session with our online  Quran Arabic teacher. We can help you choose the right course for your knowledge and understanding.  

Discuss your goals with our tutor and decide on a course and schedule that will best help you achieve those goals. Once you are signed up, you’ll receive your login details, and you can start your journey.  

Our teachers are all highly qualified and work with the latest technology and teaching methods to provide you with an immersive and engaging curriculum. We know our students learn best when they enjoy their studies and work at a pace that suits their needs.  

Our Quranic Arabic classes are designed to meet your needs and keep you engaged and eager to learn. Our tutors will provide support and guidance throughout your learning journey and adjust the curriculum to your developing needs.

What are the benefits of online Arabic Quran lessons? 
Taking Quranic Arabic lessons online with a dedicated tutor enables you to learn at your pace in the comfort of your home. Learning with an actual person means you can practice what you learn and fully immerse yourself in the language through conversation. Your tutor can apply the lessons to your life, providing real-world examples that are significant to you and helping you learn Arabic faster.  

Learning online allows you to pick a schedule that works for you and develop good learning habits around your other responsibilities. An experienced tutor is also great if you want to learn with others or support your children while they learn. 

Why choose us as your Egyptian Quran teacher? 
AtJammiaalquran, we offer a comprehensive Egyptian programme that will give you complete confidence in conversing with locals in Egypt and immersing yourself in Egyptian culture. By completing this course, your next holiday in Egypt, whether in the sunny beach resorts of Hurghada or on a cruise down the River Nile, will be the experience of a lifetime.  

What will you learn? 
This program will take you step by step until you achieve fluency. The course covers the  following: 

  • Arabic greetings and introduction 
  • Egyptian words and expressions used in daily life 
  • Advanced conversations regarding different topics 

Our expert male and female native Arabic Egyptian teachers have years of experience teaching non-Arabic speakers and go above and beyond to ensure you experience lessons of the highest quality, teach this course. 

The expertise of our teachers, carefully crafted curriculum and cutting-edge technology ensure your learning journey runs smoothly and is effective. By the end of this course, you  will be able to:  

  • Introduce yourself in Egyptian Arabic 
  • Talk about yourself, your family, hobbies, and interests 
  • Fluently converse with and understand Egyptian locals 
  • Have a deep understanding of Egyptian culture 
  • Understand daily conversations in Egypt and much more. 

Ready to embark on your Egyptian Arabic learning journey? 
Please contact us if you want more information or have any questions. Please kindly fill in a contact form or email us at

Ludwig Wittgenstein

"The limits of my language mean the limits of my world."

Frequently Asked Questions

You will find answers about our courses here. Please feel free to contact us if there is something we haven't covered in the answers below.

Yes. You can learn Quran online from an Egyptian teacher as long as the teacher is experienced in teaching Quran. They should have excellent Tajweed and recitation skills and in depth understanding of Arabic grammar and vocabulary. They should also be qualified and experienced teachers with a passion for helping students excel. 

Excellent Tajweed and recitation skills are vital in online Egyptian Quran teachers. Good communication skills and a desire to see students excel are also necessary, as is an in-depth understanding of Arabic grammar and vocabulary. Suitable qualifications and experience are also desirable.  

You cannot put a value on the number of days it will take to learn the Quran. Some students learn quickly and begin to master recitation within a few months, while others take longer.  Generally, learning and memorising the Quran takes two years. When it is learned much quicker, the information isn’t always retained.  


Fully memorising and understanding the language of the Quran can take two to three years.  With the right Quran recitation classes online, you can begin comprehending Quran Arabic in around three months. However, it helps to understand basic Arabic grammar and vocabulary before starting. 

Quran should be read clearly and at the appropriate pace so that those listening can hear it.  You should not sing or cry while reading Quran. Proper recitation is vital, which is why you take the time to learn Tajweed. 

Through online Quranic classes taught by Quran recitation tutors in Egypt, you will learn  Quranic grammar and vocabulary. Your tutor will take you through different stages, starting with basic grammar and vocabulary and building to more complex sentences and ideas.

Before closing the Quran, you should end your reading with Saddaqallahul Adheem (Allah has spoken the truth).  

You should start your reading with Tauz (aoodhubillahi minashaytan nir rajeem) and Tasmia  (bismillah arrahman nirraheem). 

Yes. While the Quran is available in many different languages, it needs to be read and memorised in its original Arabic for you to gain the depth of its meaning. 


By finding excellent Quran teachers from Egypt online through a course provider like  Jammiaalquran. Our teachers are fully qualified and dedicated to helping their students attain their goals. We begin with basic grammar and vocabulary and teach correct recitation through Tajweed. 


The easiest way to learn Quran is with Quranic Arabic classes taught by experienced and dedicated tutors. Look for classes taught by native speakers who take an immersive communicative approach and are dedicated to teaching and learning. 

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