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Our Teachers

The cornerstone of our success

At Jammiaalquran, we believe the cornerstone of our success is our teachers and those who impart knowledge. We know that as parents, you want the best for your child and the reassurance that they are safe in their learning environment.

We created our hiring process to allow the best of the best to rise, so we only employ those able to deliver the results we strive for and that you deserve. Therefore, we have a rigorous process for handpicking the best teachers for our courses. We never hire teachers based on word of mouth. We run background and ID checks to ensure the authenticity of our potential recruits.

Our recruitment process includes:

  • Checking education and qualifications to ensure they meet our high standards.
  • Running background checks and character references.
  • Sitting a two-stage interview that includes testing various teaching methods and strategies.

We only hire teachers once the process is complete and our checks are verified. Once a teacher joins the institute, we provide regular training to keep them up to date with the latest teaching methods.

We believe that experienced and dedicated teachers result in happy, well-educated students. Therefore, we ensure that our teachers are content and well rewarded for their teaching experience.

The following are some of our Egyptian Quran and Arabic teachers who have dedicated their lives to learning, teaching and serving The Holy Quran.

Shaykha Wallah Eldosoky

Shaykha Wallah is A Hafiza of the Quran and an Arabic teacher for non-Arabic speakers. She is originally from Egypt and graduated from Alexandria University in the department of the Arabic language. Shaykha Wallah has over ten  years of experience. She can teach Quran Tajweed and Arabic to all ages and levels 

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