10 Jun

How to help children memorise the Quran?

Why learn Quran?

The Holy Book of the Quran is known to be the word of Allah Almighty. It is an inimitable book which means no other book or scripture can imitate the content or form of the Holy Quran. Moreover, the elaborate lessons of the Quran also stay unique to date. Human speech can neither begin to fathom every little detail in its words nor can it parallel the language used. Quran remains to be on the highest rank in terms of literature as well as it was brought down from heaven in the purest form of Arabic different from the Modern Standard Arabic. Furthermore, the only scripture that remains intact just as it was centuries ago is the Quran.

“This is the Book (the Quran), of which there is no doubt, instruction to those who are Al-Muttaqoon ”
Quran – (Chapter 2: Verse 2)

The significance is boundless. Whoever recited the Holy Quran is rewarded ten times the number of letters they recite. The reward multiplies once the teachings of the Quran are incorporated into everyday life. According to an Ahadith, “Whoever recites ten Ayahs (verses) in Qiyaam will not be recorded as one of the forgetful”. People who would have memorized at least 10 verses of the Holy Quran will be considered faithful on the day of judgment.

Reasons, why one should learn or memorize Quran, are endless. It is a part of every Muslim’s religious obligation since it is a definite source of guidance for not only Muslims but every human being present on Earth. The oceans of knowledge embedded in every verse of the Quran will help you navigate through life by staying on the path of virtue. Those who stay persistent in the teachings of the Quran are rewarded in this world and the world hereafter as it takes mankind from darkness to light.

How to help children memorise the Quran?

The teachings of Islam and the Quran in particular are so crucial for a Muslim that every parent ensures the values are imparted to their children at a very young age. Memorising Quran, be it in whole or in little portions such as small Surahs and Supplications, takes equal effort from both the parents and children as they tend to forget easily unless revised on a routine basis. Children are like unbaked clay. Their mindsets can easily be shaped toward the right path with the help of the daily drill of the Holy Quran.

Children imitate what they see therefore make sure to begin your day with the recitation of the Quran so that the children can follow in your footsteps. Encourage them to go to the mosques to learn Quran and speak to them about the miracles of the Quran to incite curiosity in them to learn more.

Your child might wonder why the Quran is to be recited daily. What will be the benefit of memorisation? What puts this sacred practice so crucial? Speak to your children, and initiate sessions on a religious talk at your home. You can help them understand the significance of the Quran and the reward of memorising it through stories of Prophets by teaching them how Allah’s guidance helps us move forward.

Set goals and celebrate little milestones your child achieves. Make them learn new Surahs on weekly basis without putting pressure on them as a child can get sick as well or be easily distracted.

Little by little, your child will have memorised a big portion of the Quran as a result of weekly, monthly, and yearly goals set by you as per their potential.