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As a leading Online institute of excellence, you can be sure that when you choose Jammiaalquran, you’re getting the finest standard of Quranic and Arabic Education. Wherever you are around the globe, and whatever your level of learning.

A Vision of Excellence.

We strive to provide the best possible Quranic and Arabic Education to students all around the world, From Children as young as four to Adult learners. We appreciate the return for excellence can only be excellence thus we strive to excel in every aspect of our organisation from the way we operate as a team to the quality of services we offer.

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Whether you’re a beginner taking your first steps on your Quranic journey or an experienced learner looking to brush up on your knowledge, we have a course to suit you.

Our Mission.

With Jammiaal Quran We want to bring a positive, stimulating learning experience for all levels of learner, helping them build self-respect and motivation while providing endless opportunities.

A leading online international institute of excellence

Jammiaal Quran is a leading online international institute of excellence. We take pride in teaching the book of Allah, the noble sciences, and the Arabic language at the most authentic level possible.

We appreciate that the return on excellence can only be excellence, so we strive to excel in all aspects of our institution, from the way we operate as a team to the quality of the services we offer. 

We are a straight-talking, enthusiastic, results-driven institution that thrives on producing outstanding results for our students by getting the very best out of them whilst creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

We aim to play an integral part in creating a global generation of Muslims that can recite, memorize, understand, and act upon Allah’s word, making them the people of the Quran, Inshallah.

Jammiaal Quran provides Quranic and Arabic education comparable to institutions like the world-famous Alazhar and the University of Madina. Wherever you are around the globe, we welcome you to start your Quran and Arabic journey; from beginners who know nothing about the Arabic alphabet to those wanting to learn the different modes of recitations, Jammiaal Quran offers it all.

Our Vision Statement – to drive Quranic and Arabic excellence, allowing students to flourish academically and personally within a solid spiritual ethos.

Our Mission Statement – to employ elite teachers and create a positive, stimulating learning environment where our approach enables all learners and accounts for their individual needs whilst building self-respect and motivation, rewarding progress, and providing endless opportunities.

Our values

Sincerity – our ultimate objectives do not lie in worldly success. We do not seek repayment for what we do. Instead, we look forward to what’s in store for us in the next life. Inshallah, we are not financially motivated nor seek recognition from anyone except the almighty.

Exemplary – We set a positive example. We are a model teaching organization. We endeavor to preserve our reputation and be a positive change in our industry.

Initiative – We hold ourselves accountable for being at the service of the book of Allah and the people affiliated with it. We constantly assess areas and actions we can take to improve people’s experiences with the Quran and increase its impact on their lives.

Transparency – At Jammiaal Quran, we are 100 percent transparent about the courses we provide and our advice. You can be confident that you will receive only transparent and exceptional service and advice.

Quality – At Jammiaal Quran, our number one priority is quality. We have a team of exceptional expert teachers with years of experience in their fields.

Excellence – We strive to excel in every aspect of our institution, from how our team operates to the quality of our services.

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