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Many of our students choose one-to-one classes, allowing them to select a study time they can achieve consistently. Other students choose to study with their friends or spouse, which can be a motivational factor to keep them on this noble journey. Some families study together, allowing family bonding and effective group learning by listening to others.

Class options

One-to-one individual classes

One-to-one classes are perfect for those students who prefer individual attention from a teacher. We provide tailored one-to-one lessons, ensuring that sessions are student-centred and go at a comfortable pace for the student.  

Over the years, we have realised this lesson format has proven to be more effective, thus providing long-term results for most of our students.

Study with a friend.

One of the biggest hurdles when studying the Quran is reaching the finishing line. Studying with your husband or wife, parent and child, or siblings for example is a great option for those who want their companion to take this journey with them. Learning alongside a friend can make the journey more accessible by having a study buddy.

We assess students choosing this option to determine each level and how best studying together would work.

Group classes

Our group classes cater for students who are beginners and those who have already embarked on their Quran journey. Students in the group class must cover all topics and practise to allow the students to read fluently.

Finding students to participate in group classes is not arranged by the institute. It is the responsibility of the student. Group members can include friends, university students, work colleagues, family members, etc. It is an excellent opportunity for students struggling with consistency or families who want to establish bonding full of barakah within the home.

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