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“Our online Arabic Classes are well-structured to teach every level from beginner to advanced including Arabic grammar, vocabulary etc of the Arabic language.”

Why learn Arabic?  
Online Arabic classes are becoming more popular for many reasons. More than 250 million people speak Arabic across the globe. It is the official language of several countries, including Algeria, Iraq, Morocco, Qatar, Sudan, and the United Arab Emirates. It is the language of the Holy Quran and is a vital part of daily Muslim life.  

Learning a new language is always rewarding. Learning Arabic allows you to better immerse yourself in the culture of Arabic-speaking countries and better understand the Islamic world.  Its many regional variations and complex grammar make learning Arabic challenging and rewarding.  

Whether you are looking to travel to widen your horizons or for work, the ability to learn  Arabic online will improve your communication, improve your business skills, and give you access to new ideas and communities. If you are considering studying the Quran, proficiency in Arabic is an essential first step.  

How do I learn Arabic online?  
The most crucial step to learning Arabic online is to find the right course provider. Look for a  provider that offers an Arabic learning program that accommodates different levels so you can find the perfect course for you.  

For the best results, you should choose a course provider that uses a communicative, immersive approach to learning and has native Arabic speakers teaching the courses.

Once you have the right provider and course, the rest is up to you. Pick a learning schedule that you can stick to and find a quiet place to study where you can concentrate.  

Practising what you learn is vital to getting the most from your Arabic online lessons. If you choose to learn with family or friends, you have people on hand you can practise with. If you are learning alone, try to find other learners or patient native speakers who will help you practice.  

Arabic is a complex language to learn, and as with all new languages, it takes time. You will need passion and determination to become fluent. Use your private Arabic tutor for support, and remember,  the more effort you put in, the more you will learn. Don’t give up.

How it works  
Enrolling with Jammiaalquran will take you on a stimulating journey as you learn to speak,  read, write, and understand Arabic through our online Arabic classes. Our experienced and trusted online tutors use the latest immersive teaching methods and state-of-the-art technology to give you the best possible learning experience.  

Learn Arabic online quicker with our comprehensive courses broken down into simple steps to guide you through the learning process, ensuring that you become fluent in the shortest possible time, whether you are learning for personal enrichment, work, or school.  

Start by contacting our team and booking a free evaluation session. This will help determine the right course level for you. Once ready, add your course to the basket, create your account, and receive your secure login
and learning information.  

Learning Arabic with Jammiaalquran is straightforward. We support you at every step of your journey. Contact us today for more information using the contact form or by emailing us at

Key features of online Arabic classes
An excellent course offering online Arabic language lessons starts by determining your level of knowledge and fluency. If you start a course that is too hard, you will likely become dejected and give up. A course that is too easy is likely to lead to complacency and leave no room for growth.  

Arabic grammar and vocabulary should be core aspects of any online language course. Real-world examples and opportunities to practise what you are learning should all also be present. An Arabic alphabet lesson should also be offered if needed.  

Tutor support is a vital component of online Arabic classes. While texts and presentations are part of any curriculum, when learning a language there is no substitute for time with a  skilled native speaker. You should be able to speak to a real person and discuss what you are learning.  

Online Arabic classes should also provide opportunities to test what you have learnt and provide detailed guidance on your next steps towards fluency.

Have you always wanted to learn Arabic but were unsure where to start? Have you tried the same old ways of understanding the Arabic language but were unsuccessful? If the answer is yes, you have come to the right place. 

At Jammiaalquran, we specialise in delivering the highest quality Arabic language programmes and courses to help you reach your goals. Whether you are an adult, a child beginner, or an advanced-level student, we can help.  

Learning a language can often be daunting without the proper support. Gaining the right level of support enables you to learn in an enjoyable and supportive environment. 

  • Classic Arabic program – a comprehensive program for those wishing to learn classic Arabic. The
    program includes Arabic lessons for beginners as well as more Advanced Arabic lessons once your
    fluency increases.  
  • Egyptian Arabic program – a comprehensive program for those wishing to master the  Egyptian
    dialect and better interact with local people. 
  • Advanced Arabic Program – designed for those who already have the basics and wish to take their
    learning to the next level. The program includes advanced

Arabic subjects such as advanced Arabic grammar, ureteric, and morphology.  Arabic for children – our online Arabic classes for kids cover all aspects of the Arabic language to improve their understanding of the Quran and foster humbleness. We start by exploring basic grammar rules and frequently occurring Quranic words to make the journey easy and enjoyable until the children achieve

Start your Arabic journey now by taking a free evaluation session. If you have any questions or want more information, kindly fill in the contact form or email us at

How does learning Arabic with us work?  
The first step to becoming fluent in Arabic is contacting our team. We can answer any questions and book you in for a free evaluation session.  

Our evaluation session determines your level of knowledge and confidence in Arabic. Once completed, we can suggest the proper class level for you, whether you need beginner Arabic lessons for adults or a more advanced course. If you need an Arabic alphabet lesson, we can arrange this alongside any other assistance you need.  

Many of our students find our online classes for learning Arabic more suited to their busy lives. Our team will also discuss the best learning approach for you. If you are happy, sign up, choose your course, create your account, and we will provide you with your private Quran tutor and learning schedule. Once you receive your secure login details, you can start your journey to Arabic proficiency. 

Which Arabic course should I choose? 
You need to choose an Arabic course that suits your needs. Talk to the course provider about what they offer, and be honest about your level of proficiency.

If you want to learn a specific dialect, be clear about this. Some providers only offer modern standard Arabic, while others, including Jammiaalquran, offer courses on specific dialects,  such as Egyptian Arabic.  

Always choose online Arabic language lessons that offer experienced tutors who are native speakers. Courses providing plenty of opportunities for communication, conversation, and language immersion will help you reach fluency faster.  

Why learn with us?  
We design our Arabic learning classes around your needs and abilities. Our courses are flexible, so you can complete as many or as few lessons each week as you need. Our experienced tutors are all native speakers who work with you to get exceptional results quickly. 

Most importantly, learning with Jammiaalquran is enjoyable, and it is known that when you enjoy your learning, you learn faster and more effectively.

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"A different language is a different vision of life."

Frequently Asked Questions

You will find answers about our courses here. Please feel free to contact us if there is something we haven't covered in the answers below.

You’ll learn best online with a well-qualified and experienced tutor who is a native speaker.  Your course
should immerse you in the language and provide plenty of opportunities to converse and practise what you
are learning.

No two students learn at the same pace. While one student may become fluent within six months of
dedicated and immersive study, another may take a year to reach the same 
point. If you are dedicated and passionate and have the right teachers, you should gain a  good grasp of
the language within three months.

Arabic is considered one of the more challenging languages to learn. One of the reasons for this is the
complexity of the grammar. Another reason it is considered difficult is that the text reads from right to left
rather than left to right. The formation of letters and words can also prove challenging. However, you can
overcome these challenges by undertaking online  Arabic language lessons for beginners with the right

Yes. Learning Arabic opens a whole new culture and learning experience. It is also vital if you wish to take on
Quranic studies and fully understand and immerse yourself in Islam and  Islamic culture.

Several aspects make Arabic hard to learn. The script runs from right to left rather than left to right, which is
challenging, particularly for learners from the West. Arabic grammar is complex, and most words are derived
from a root of three or four consonants. Letters also change shape depending on where they are in a word.

Yes, with the right teacher and resources, determination and passion, you can learn at least the basics of the
language in three months. It is vital to enrol on the best Arabic language classes online if you are to achieve
this goal.

Yes, anyone can learn Arabic if they are determined enough and have access to the right resources and
teachers. We design our Arabic language lessons online to meet your needs,  whatever your proficiency
level or knowledge of Arabic.

Arabic is a complex language; learning it takes time, effort, and dedication. The easiest way to learn the
language is by immersing yourself in it through a great course and an experienced online tutor. Studying
regularly and practising what you are learning will speed up the learning process.

Studying with Jammiaalquran gives you access to various Arabic language classes online designed to meet
your needs regardless of your proficiency level. Our team will guide you through what we offer and provide
you with a free evaluation session. Once completed, you can decide on the length and frequency of your

Fluency in Arabic is not just about the number of words you know. It is also about understanding grammar
and context. Most learners can make themselves understood and hold simple conversations with around
500 words. However, an educated, fluent native speaker will have approximately 25,000 words in their

Dedication and practice. Use what you learn at every opportunity. Speak and read Arabic whenever you
can and converse with native speakers who can support your learning process.

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