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“Our online Arabic tutors have ample experience in teaching Arabic lessons to all age groups. Improve your Arabic language fluency online with our private Arabic tutors!”

Why learn Arabic? 
Learning Arabic is increasingly popular for many reasons, including business and increased travel. Over 250 million people speak Arabic across the world. It is the official language of several countries, including Algeria, Iraq, Morocco, Qatar, Sudan, and the United Arab Emirates. It is the language of the Holy Quran and a key part of daily Muslim life.  

Learning Arabic with an experienced online private Arabic tutor is rewarding. It allows you to immerse yourself in the culture of Arabic-speaking countries fully and better understand the  Islamic world. Its many regional variations and complex grammar make learning Arabic challenging and rewarding.  

Whether you are looking to travel to widen your horizons or for work, the ability to learn  Arabic online witha private Arabic tutor will improve your communication and business skills and give you access to new ideas and communities. If you are considering studying the  Quran, proficiency in Arabic is an essential first step.

Our recruitment process includes:


Checking education and qualifications to ensure they meet our high standards.


We undertake various background checks and character references prior to making an offer,.


Sitting a two-stage interview that includes testing various teaching methods and strategies.
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How can I learn Arabic online? 
The most crucial step to learning Arabic is to find the right tutor. Look for online Arabic tutors that are native speakers with experience in teaching at all levels. It is beneficial to find a single provider that offers Arabic learning programs from beginner to expert so that you can remain with the same provider through your learning process.

Choose a private Arabic tutor online that uses a communicative, immersive approach to learning and can make learning enjoyable as you learn faster when you enjoy your studies.

Once you have the right provider, tutor, and course, the rest is up to you. Pick a learning schedule that you can stick to and find a quiet place to study where you can concentrate.

Practising what you learn is vital to getting the most from your online Arabic language lessons. If you choose to learn with family or friends, you have people on hand you can practise with. If you are learning alone, try to find other learners or patient native speakers who will help you practise.

Arabic is a complex language to learn, and it takes time. You will need passion and determination to become fluent. Use your Arabic online tutor for support, and remember,  the more effort you put in, the more you will learn. Don’t give up.

Key features of Arabic online classes
Learning Arabic online with a dedicated private Arabic tutor enables you to learn at your pace in the comfort of your home. Learning with an actual person means you can practice what you learn and fully immerse yourself in the language through conversation. Your tutor can apply the lessons to your life, providing real-world examples that are significant to you and helping you learn Arabic faster.

Learning online allows you to pick a schedule that works for you and develop good learning  habits around your other responsibilities. An experienced learn Arabic online tutor is also great if you want to learn with others or support your children while they learn.

How does learning Arabic with us work? 
The first step to becoming fluent in Arabic is getting in touch with our team. We can answer any questions and book you in for a free evaluation session.

Our online Arabic tutors offer free evaluation sessions to determine your knowledge and confidence in Arabic. Once completed, we can suggest the proper class level and most appropriate tutor for you, whether you need Arabic classes for beginners or a more advanced course. If you need an Arabic alphabet lesson, we can arrange this alongside any other assistance you need.

Many of our students find our online classes for learning Arabic more suited to their busy lives. Our team will also discuss the best learning approach for you. If you are happy, sign up, choose your course, create your account, and we will provide you with your online  Arabic Tutor and learning schedule. Once you receive your secure login details, you can start your journey to Arabic proficiency.

To find out more information or ask any questions, please kindly fill in the contact form or email us at

We are specialists in teaching online Arabic lessons
Online Arabic tutors are the cornerstone of our success at Jammiaalquran. Whether undertaking courses
yourself or looking for a language course for your child, you want the best. You want the reassurance that the learning environment is safe and nurturing.

Our online Arabic tutor UK hiring process allows the best of the best to rise. We have a  rigorous process for handpicking the best teachers for our courses. We never hire teachers based on word of mouth and run
background and ID checks to ensure the authenticity of our potential recruits. We only employ those able to deliver the results we strive for and that you deserve.

Our recruitment process includes the following:

  • Checks – Checking education and qualifications to ensure they meet our high standards.
  • References – We undertake various background checks and character references before making
    an offer.
  • Testing – Sitting a two-stage interview that includes testing various teaching methods and

We only hire tutors once the process is complete and our checks are verified.  Once a teacher joins theinstitute, we provide regular training to keep them up to date with the latest teaching methods.

We believe that experienced and dedicated teachers result in happy, well-educated students. Therefore,we ensure that our tutors are content and well-rewarded for their teaching experience, making them the best Arabic tutors online.

Our teachers

Shaykha Wallah Eldosoky
Shaykha Wallah is A Hafiza of the Quran and an Arabic teacher for non-Arabic speakers. She is originally from Egypt and graduated from Alexandria University in the department of the  Arabic language. Shaykha Wallah has over ten years  of experience. She can teach Quran, Tajweed and Arabic to all ages and levels.

Ustadhah Magda

Ustadhah Magda graduated from Cairo University with a Bachelor of Arts in the Arabic language. After achieving this she pursued her passion of teaching Arabic to non-native speakers by completing several courses on how to teach Arabic to non-native speakers. Having over seven years of teaching experience she has been working at countless online institutions and has helped hundreds of students reach there Arabic goals with ease

Ustadha Hajer kamel.

Ustadha Hajer is a native Egyptian Arabic teacher who specialises in teaching arabic to all ages,levels,and abilities Ustadha Hajer graduated from the faculty of literature arabic department and holds a diploma in teaching arabic to non-native speakers. Having been teaching the arabic language for over ten years she has taught the arabic language in several online institutions as well as universities such as the american university in Cairo. Through out her many years of teaching

Ustadha Hajer has developed results driven strategies which have produced results time and again and has taught the arabic language to thousands of students around the globe. In addtion to this she has taught the Arabic language in several countries such as Dubai and Turkey where she has helped countless students master the arabic language with ease.

Ustadha Hajer aims to make each lesson student centered and highly enjoyable. Her kind and gentle nature combined with her strategic strategies ensures that all of her lessons deliver results.

Ustadha Rania is Hafiza of the Quran and holds an ijazza of the narration Hafs. After graduating from the faculty of commerce english department Cairo university she later pursued her passion of teaching the Quran and Tajweed to non-native speakers. Ustadha Rania specialises in teaching the Quran, Tajweed, Hifz, and islamic studys to both adults and children of all ages, levels, and abilitys. Having been in the teaching field for over fifteen years Ustadha Rania has helped thousands of students to flourish with there learning goals under her guidance. Over the years Ustadha Rania has worked at countless online institutions and has often been supervising and developing results driven strategies. Her passion, enthusiasm and dedication is second to none and she ensures each and every class she delivers is of the highest quality.


.Why choose us for your Arabic tutor in the uk?

You want the best possible learning experience for you and your children while knowing you are getting value for money. At Jammiaalquran, we put our students first and focus on providing the best service possible.

Our experienced male and female Arabic tutors online provide Arabic lessons for adults and children using the latest teaching methods and technology to provide a curriculum that gets results. We work with the learner to develop proficiency and confidence by making learning enjoyable and engaging.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will find answers about our courses here. Please feel free to contact us if there is something we haven't covered in the answers below.

Yes. With the right learn Arabic online tutor, you can become fluent in the language and speak, read,
write, and understand Arabic with confidence.

The cost of learning Arabic depends on the length and number of lessons you undertake each week. Whether
you learn alone or in a group will also affect the price. A private Arabic tutor online can cost as little as £32
per month.

Arabic is one of the more difficult languages to learn. Its complex grammar and the script reading from
right to left are two main reasons those in the West find it particularly challenging. However, with
dedication and the right tutor, it is possible to have a basic understanding in three to six months and
achieve fluency within a year.

If you are entirely new to Arabic, find a beginner's course that supports learning basic vocabulary and
grammar. Choose a provider, like Jammiaalquran, which offers a free evaluation lesson to ensure you
take a class at the right level.

Yes. While Arabic is one of the more difficult languages to learn, anyone can learn it with the proper tutor
support and course. Find a course tutor who is a native speaker who uses an immersive communicative
approach. Regular conversation on familiar topics is one of the best ways to start learning Arabic.

An online Arabic teacher provides you with the skills and knowledge you need to become fluent in Arabic.
They will converse with you, share appropriate Arabic texts, and develop your ability to speak, understand,
read, and write Arabic.

Take an online course with lessons run by a native speaker who uses the latest teaching methods and
technology to support your learning. Practise your speaking and listening skills regularly, and you will learn
faster. You need determination and dedication to learn Arabic, but you can achieve fluency if you immerse
yourself in the language.

Yes. Learning Arabic opens a whole new culture and learning experience. It is also vital if you wish to take on
Quranic studies and fully understand and immerse yourself in Islam and  Islamic culture.

Start by working with a recognised course provider like Jammiaalquran. We have a host of tutors ready to
work with students of all levels. We offer a free evaluation lesson to help us match tutors and learners and
ensure you are working at the right level.

Your online Arabic tutor UK is a good choice if they provide immersive and engaging sessions that develop
your skills and confidence. They should support and guide your learning and help you progress to the next
level. If you feel lost, do not receive the support you need or are bored by the sessions, they are not the
right tutor for you.

Arabic is the primary language or most commonly spoken language in Algeria, Bahrain,  Chad, Comoros,
Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco,  Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia,
Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, and  Yemen.

More than 250 million people speak Arabic globally.

Arabic lessons in the UK can cost anywhere from £5 to over £20 per hour. However, cost alone is no
indication of teaching quality. When looking for a tutor, you should look at their 
results and recommendations alongside the cost. At Jammiaalquran, we offer lessons for as little as £7, with
a proven track record.

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