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Our Programmes

Jammiaalquran aims to make the students learning experience as straightforward as possible with our set of programmes, each with multi-level courses available seven days a week for both adults and children. You can choose the day and time that suits you and your child.

We welcome you to choose one of the following programmes to start your learning journey online with our experienced Egyptian Azzary Teachers.

Online Quran Program

We currently offer a free Evaluation Session for our Tajweed and Quran Course. Contact us to schedule the Free Evaluation session or for more information.

A Beginners

According to our carefully designed curriculum, students learn to read the Arabic alphabet and words. We then teach students to recite some short verses of the Quran.

B Reading

Students learn to recite the Quran by sight while applying the Tajweed rules that cover the Holy Book. Read more about the Tajweed Program.
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C Memorisation

Students undergo a programme designed to help memorise, revise, and perfect the Tajweed of the Quran. Read more about the Memorisation Programme.

Learn the 10 Qiraat

Have you listened to someone recite the Quran differently and wished you could do the same? Do you want to learn the Quran in a different mode of recitation but cannot find a teacher who is an expert in this field? If the answer is yes, look no further. Jammiaalquran provides a programme that caters to the teaching of this nodal science under the expertise and guidance of our highly qualified and experienced male and female Egyptian teachers. Learn more about the 10 Qiraat programme.

Programmes for children

Jammiaalquran emphasises teaching the Quran to children from the age of four. To develop a Child's faith through love and understanding of Islam, we dedicate a part of every lesson to sharing interesting Islamic topics, stories, and teachings based on the Quran and authentic Sunnah Teachings of Prophet Mohammed; peace be upon him. These are part of our well-designed curriculum to attract and engage our young students. Read more about the Quran programme for children.

Online Quranic Arabic programme

Learning Arabic is the key to understanding the Quran, allowing students to ponder its depts and attain humility. We begin by exploring basic grammar rules and learning frequently occurring Quranic words, making the journey easy and enjoyable until you achieve proficiency.

Learn the Arabic language

Have you ever wanted to master the Arabic language? Have you always wanted to travel to an Arabic country like Egypt and be able to interact with Arabic people? If yes, you have come to the right place. Jammiaalquran offers a range of exceptional programs designed to take you from beginners' level to mastery in the shortest time possible under the guidance of our highly qualified and experienced male and female teachers. Read more about our Arabic programs.

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Our Programmes