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Quran Programmes for Children with Jammiaalquran

Are you a parent who wants your child to learn the correct recitation of the Quran? Do you strive to encourage your children to be practicing Muslims? Do you want to broaden your Children’s knowledge with the best education available? At Jammiaalquran we understand that parents care about their children’s worldly and religious education and want to give them the best start in life as they start on their educational journey.

Teaching available from the age of 4.

We understand that it’s important that kids get the best possible start, so our Quran classes are available for children from four years old upwards.

Online courses developed especially for children.

We’ve created a complete curriculum and environment dedicated to teaching children the Holy Quran.

Multiple levels of course to fit all levels of education.

We offer three levels of class to ensure your child is receiving the right course for their level of education.

How should a beginner start reading the Quran? 

If you are new to the Quran, you must find the right teacher to guide your reading. The  Quran should be read in its original Arabic to be fully understood. Your first step is to understand Arabic grammar and vocabulary. Your next step is to learn proper recitation and memorisation techniques from expert tutors who comprehend Tajweed and other rules for reading and recitation. 

You do not need to learn or read the Quran from beginning to end. The Holy Quran is not arranged in chronological or linear order. The knowledge it contains is scattered throughout the text. Those new to the Quran should begin with the short Surahs as the longer Surahs can be overwhelming for those new to the Quran.  

What will you learn in these Quran classes for beginners?  

In our introductory Quran course for kids, your children will learn the following: 

  • To read Arabic confidently and fluently. 
  • The articulation points of the letters. 
  • The methodology of Qaida An-Nooraniyah or Noor Al-Bayan and develop a strong base. 
  • To connect the letters to form long sentences and work towards reading and speaking Arabic with ease.
  • To read short Surahs and work towards memorising them. 

Once your child has accomplished these goals, they can move on to our Tajweed course. The Tajweed course teaches the rules of recitation so your child can read and recite the Quran correctly and confidently.  

Through this course, your child will learn to: 

  • Correctly read any Surah with Tajweed. 
  • Practise and implement rules correctly to avoid common errors. 
  • Recite the same way our Prophet (PBUH) did by learning with qualified and dedicated teachers. 

How do the Quran classes work? 

Online Quran classes for kids require your child to be prepared, so before the class begins, check that they have everything they need. This included a stable, fast internet connection and a laptop, computer, tablet, or phone with a microphone. You will also need a video calling app, like Skype, that is stable and secure. We also recommend headphones, especially if you are learning in a busy or noisy environment.  

Your child’s tutor will call you at the agreed-upon time, and their lesson will begin. The tutor will make the most of the allocated time. They will encourage your child to practise what they have learnt outside of that time to get the most from their learning. 

What you’ll learn in online Quran reading classes

Quran classes for kids start with learning the basics, including understanding the Arabic alphabet and vowels, joining letters to create words, and reading the Arabic script.  

They will also learn ‘Diacritics’. This teaches you how to read Arabic words, removing the need to memorise their pronunciation. Your child will also be able to read Dua’a (Arabic supplications) through their Quranic Arabic lessons

Our goal at Jammiaalquran is to aid you and your child in becoming fluent in Quranic Arabic and identify and overcome any struggles as soon as they occur. To achieve this, our online Quran classes include the following: 

  • Aliful-Wasl rules 
  • Arabic Alphabet 
  • Arabic Diacritics 
  • Characteristics of the Quranic writing 
  • Laam rules 
  • Letters Forms 
  • Madd – Lengthening 
  • Shaddah
  • Shaddah with Tanween 
  • Sukun 
  • Vowels 

What you’ll learn in online Quran recitation classes

Learning correct Tilawah and Quran recitation is vital to understanding the Quran. The Holy  Quran was revealed to us to recite, understand its teachings, and apply them to our daily lives.  

Through our online Quran classes, our experienced tutors will teach you correct recitation with perfect pronunciation. They will teach different Quran recitation techniques and word meanings so you can recite the Quran with understanding.  

Through your lessons, you will learn: 

  • Arabic Diacritics 
  • Characteristics of the Quranic writing 
  • Hamzatul-Wassl 
  • Intro to Tajweed Rules 
  • Laam At-Ta’reef 
  • Letters Forms 
  • Quran Recitation Techniques 
  • Quranic Phonetics 
  • Recitation of Long Surahs 
  • Recitation of Short Surahs 
  • Rules of Stopping 
  • The Shaddah 
  • The Tanween 

About this course 

Are you a parent who wants your child to learn the correct recitation of the Quran? Do you strive to encourage your children to be practicing Muslims? Do you want to broaden your children’s knowledge with the best education available? At Jammiaalquran, we understand that parents care about their children’s worldly and religious education and want to give them the best start in life as they start their educational journey.

Teaching is available from the age of 4 – We understand that it’s essential that kids get the best possible start, so our Quran classes are available for children from four years old upwards. 

Our online courses are developed especially for children – We’ve created a complete curriculum and environment dedicated to teaching children the Holy Quran. 

Multiple course levels to fit all education levels – We offer three levels of class to ensure your child is receiving the right course for their level of education. 

We’re here to give your children the best possible start. 

At Jammiaalquran, we know that children need the best start on their educational journey, whether in worldly or religious matters. The early years of your child’s life are some of the most important in their development, and they must have the right environment and teachers to help their progress. 

We understand parents’ concerns and children’s educational needs, and that’s why we hire the most qualified and experienced teachers and provide a cutting-edge environment for your children to learn in. 

At Jammiaalquran, our standards are as high as yours when it comes to your children’s education, and that’s why we set out to provide the best possible learning experience for children from four years old and upwards. 

Expert Staff and Complete Transparency 

You need to know that your child is progressing and learning and whether we need to address any issues. With Jammiaalquran, you can rest easy knowing that your child receives the best in Quranic education. 

Experts in Islamic Education 

All our teachers have years of experience, speak fluent English, and share our aim to provide high-quality lessons to all our students. 

One-To-One Classes 

We know that children benefit the most when they have their teacher’s undivided attention. That’s why, at Jammiaalquran, all our students benefit from one-to-one tuition, helping them to achieve their learning goals up to 40% faster. 

Monthly Reports

We realise how important it is to see results from your children’s learning. At Jammiaalquran, we provide detailed monthly reports on your child’s progress, allowing you to have complete peace of mind regarding their education. 

Course features 

Our Quran lessons for kids are run by dedicated, experienced tutors with student-centred approaches to learning. We use modern teaching methods and state-of-the-art technology to give you the best possible experience. 

Your child will learn at their level, determined by our free evaluation session. We begin with basic grammar and vocabulary and teach recitation with Tajweed so they have the perfect pronunciation from the beginning.  

We offer a range of lesson lengths, and you can set the number of lessons per week to suit your child and budget. Choose the course and schedule, create your account, and we will do the rest. Once you have your login details, you are good to go.  

We offer courses for all levels and work hard to achieve your goals. Our tutors are here to support you, answer any questions, and work through any problems.  

Contact Jammiaalquran today through our contact page or by emailing us at info@jammiaalquran.com to begin your Quran reading journey. 

What are the strategies to learn the Quran for kids? 

Before embarking on your child’s learning journey, they must understand why they need to learn the Quran. A child that understands why and embraces the reason will be more dedicated and determined to succeed.  

Learning the Quran is challenging, and like adults, children make mistakes. They mustn’t become fearful of these mistakes. Getting things wrong is part of the journey. Your child needs to embrace this and learn from their mistakes rather than fearing them. 

The words of the Quran may feel abstract to your child. If they cannot anchor the words in their experience, they will find it harder to learn. Take time to discuss what you are learning and provide explanations and examples that they can relate to. Not only will this help their learning, but it will deepen their understanding of the importance of the Quran to their lives.  

Do not expect your child to focus for too long. A child’s concentration span is shorter than an adult’s. If they become distracted or tired, take a break. Celebrate small goals and achievements so your child can see how far they have come in their journey. 

Choose a qualified and experienced teacher to guide your child through their journey. Our teachers have experience working with children and use modern teaching techniques to support your child’s learning. At Jammiaalquran, our teachers are carefully vetted and thoroughly interviewed before they join our team.  

Online Quran classes for kids and their importance 

Not everyone has access to Quran classes that they can attend in person. If you live in a  non-Muslim country, finding a native-speaking teacher to support your learning may be challenging. 

However, it is not possible to learn the Quran alone. You need a dedicated and passionate teacher to ensure proper understanding and recitation. This is where online Quran classes for beginners and children are so important. 

Learning online with Jammiaalquran gives you access to experienced and highly trained professional teachers who can support your learning and ensure proper reading and recitation of the Holy Quran. 

Specially designed online Quran classes for beginners 

Online Quran classes for beginners allow you to learn in the comfort and convenience of your home and at your own pace. You can set a schedule and lesson length that works for your busy life and budget. Your tutor fully supports you, and you can gain additional support from other online learners. 

Why should I learn? 

Allah the Almighty revealed the Holy Quran to the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) to guide Muslims to happiness. Learning to read and recite the Quran is vital to understanding what it means to be Muslim and how to live well. 

The great advantages of learning the Quran online  

Learning the Quran can be challenging, particularly in a non-Muslim country where your choice of teachers is limited. Online Quran classes for kids UK-wide remove this barrier and give you access to qualified and experienced teachers across the globe.  

At Jammiaalquran, our online Quran teachers work with you and your child to help you achieve your goals. They use the latest teaching methods to help you understand and memorise the Holy Quran. Online your child can work at their pace at a time that suits them in the comfort of their home. Where your children are starting on their Quran recitation journeys, you can be there to support and guide them.  

There are many dimensions to learning the Quran, including memorisation, translation, recitation and reading with Tajweed. Your child will need dedication and passion to complete their journey, and they will find this best in the comfort and convenience of online learning.  

Major benefits of Quran online learning  

  • 24/7 access to quality Quran education 
  • Learning in a place that best suits you 
  • A student-centred approach 
  • Regular teacher/student communication 
  • Quicker, more effective learning compared to conventional methods 

Qualities of our online Quran teachers  

Online Quran teachers must be highly skilled and qualified for you to learn effectively. Our tutors use the latest teaching methods and state-of-the-art technology to provide you with the best possible learning experience. 

All our teachers have command over their subject area. They are native Arabic speakers with superb recitation skills and experience in Arabic language research. They are experts in speaking, reading, and composing modern and classical Arabic and understand the nuances of Arabic grammar and structure.  

Tajweed and recitation skills are vital for proper pronunciation. Our teachers ensure accuracy in pronunciation and accent from the very beginning. Mistakes learned early on are difficult to fix once they become ingrained. 

Our tutors are skilled and professional teachers who specialise in teaching Arabic, Quranic Arabic, and Egyptian Arabic to adults and children. They understand how to teach effectively and help you achieve your goals quickly.  

Every online Quran teacher knows that your time is precious. They have high expectations of themselves and their students and expect nothing but the best. They are punctual and make the most effective use of your scheduled lessons. 

You need dedication and passion to learn Arabic and our teachers lead by example. Their passion for the subject shines through their teaching and encourages students to do their best in their studies. 

What it takes to learn the Quran online 

To get the best from our online Quran classes for kids, your child needs a quiet place to study with as few interruptions as possible. We also recommend the following: 

  • PC, laptop, phone or tablet 
  • A secure, high-speed, stable internet connection 
  • A microphone  
  • Headphones (essential if you do not have a private space for learning) • Their devotion and willingness to learn 

What makes our Quran classes for kids the best?  

At Jammiaalquran, we pride ourselves on our student-centred approach. We focus on helping your child achieve their goals and design each Quran course for kids around their needs. We offer: 

  • Professional online Quran teachers – our expert tutors come from some of the Islamic world’s most highly recognised teaching establishments. We never compromise on quality and thoroughly vet and interview every teaching candidate to ensure we find the best teachers. 
  • Interactive one-to-one training – we match our students and tutors based on current knowledge, understanding, learning style, and need. Students benefit from one-to-one sessions designed to meet their needs. Tutors provide personalised feedback designed to support the student as they move forward.  
  • Flexibility – students can join Jammiaalquran at any time, and we offer flexible lessons to suit their busy lives.  
  • Evaluation and trial sessions – our free evaluation session helps us understand your level of knowledge and match you with the right course and tutor. If you are not satisfied with your tutor, we can discuss other learning options that may be more suitable.  
  • Affordability – we offer different schedules and class options to meet your budget. 

Sahih Bukhari

” A person who recites the Quran and has memorised it, will be with noble scribes (Angels/Prophets, in Jannah)”

Frequently Asked Questions

You will find answers about our courses here. Please feel free to contact us if there is something we haven't covered in the answers below.

Yes. Your child can learn at their pace with Quran classes for kids designed to meet their individual needs. Learning online gives you access to Quran teachers from across the globe  and allows you to learn in the comfort of your home. 

Online Quran classes for beginners and children require a stable, fast internet connection and a laptop, computer, tablet or phone. The type of device doesn’t matter as long as you can see and hear your tutor, and they can see and hear you. A microphone is essential, as are a good quality set of headphones. 

Yes. We have courses for beginners and those further along their Arabic and Quranic journeys. Our beginner Quran courses include basic Arabic grammar and vocabulary. We start with a free evaluation session to determine the right course and tutor for you and your child. 

Yes, all our Quran teachers are qualified and highly experienced. They all undergo a  thorough vetting and interview process before taking up posts with us. 

You should be ready to work at the agreed-upon time. Your tutor will call you using a video call app such as Skype. The content of your Quran lessons for kids will depend on the course you are taking and your current level of knowledge. It will involve listening to your teacher and completing readings, grammar, vocabulary exercises, or recitations. 

If students cannot attend a class, they should message the teacher using the dashboard and rearrange the class for another suitable day. 

We will not arrange a makeup class if a student misses a lesson without messaging their teacher at least six hours in advance, except where there is a sudden emergency such as an illness or sudden death in the family. 

If a student plans to take a holiday for up to one month, they are eligible to make up those classes. Making up classes can be before or after the holiday. 

You cannot put a value on the number of days it will take to learn the Quran. Some students learn quickly and begin to master recitation within a few months, while others take longer.  Generally, learning and memorising the Quran takes two years. When it is learned much quicker, the information isn’t always retained. 

Fully memorising and understanding the language of the Quran can take two to three years.  With the proper Quran lessons for kids, your child can begin comprehending Quran Arabic in around three months. However, it helps to understand basic Arabic grammar and vocabulary before starting.

Yes. While the Quran is available in many different languages, it needs to be read and memorised in its original Arabic for you to gain the depth of its meaning. 

Quran should be read clearly and at the appropriate pace so that those listening can hear it.  You should not sing or cry while reading Quran. Proper recitation is vital, which is why you take the time to learn Tajweed. 

Before closing the Quran, you should end your reading with Saddaqallahul Adheem (Allah has spoken the truth). 

You should start your reading with Tauz (aoodhubillahi minashaytan nir rajeem) and Tasmia  (bismillah arrahman nirraheem). 

You will learn Quranic grammar and vocabulary through online classes taught by Quran recitation tutors. Your tutor will take you through different stages, starting with basic grammar and vocabulary and building to more complex sentences and ideas.

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