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“Quranic Arabic classes help you to understand the holy Quran. Join our online Arabic Lessons to quickly understand how to read, write & pronounce Arabic words!”

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The key to understanding

Learning Quranic Arabic is the key to understanding the Quran so students can ponder its depths and attain humbleness. Our starting point is exploring basic grammar rules and learning frequently occurring Quranic words. Our teachers make the journey easy and enjoyable until you reach proficiency.

Why learn Arabic?
More than 250 million people speak Arabic across the globe. It is the official language of several countries, including Algeria, Iraq, Morocco, Qatar, Sudan, and the United Arab  Emirates. It is the language of the Holy Quran and is a vital part of daily Muslim life.

Learning a new language is always rewarding. Learning Arabic allows you to better immerse yourself in the culture of Arabic-speaking countries and better understand the Islamic world.  Its many regional variations and complex grammar make learning Arabic challenging and rewarding.

Whether you are looking to travel to widen your horizons or for work, the ability to learn  Arabic will improve your communication, improve your business skills, and give you access to new ideas and communities. If you are considering studying the Quran, proficiency in  Arabic is an essential first step. Taking Quranic Arabic lessons helps deepen your understanding and removes barriers to learning and gaining insight.

How to learn the Arabic language to understand the Quran? 
Quranic Arabic lessons guide you through the language of the Quran and its differences from modern standard Arabic. However, to learn and understand Arabic, you need to begin with the basics of grammar and vocabulary. Learning Arabic takes dedication, passion, and practice. Immersing yourself in the language with an excellent Arabic tutor is the best way to learn the language.

How to understand Quranic Arabic quickly and easily
Quranic Arabic classes with a dedicated and experienced tutor are the best way to understand Quranic Arabic quickly and easily. Begin with basic Arabic grammar and vocabulary and build on this knowledge to develop your grasp of the Quran. Regular practice and passion for the subject are essential to learning anything, and Quranic Arabic is no different.

How it works
Begin your Quranic Arabic journey by booking a free evaluation session with our online Quran Arabic teacher. We can then help you choose the right course for your knowledge and understanding.
Discuss your goals with our tutor and decide on a course and schedule that will best help you achieve those goals. Once you are signed up, you’ll receive your login details, and you can start your journey.

Our teachers are all highly qualified and work with the latest technology and teaching methods to provide you with an immersive and engaging curriculum. We know our students learn best when they enjoy their studies and work at a pace that suits their needs.

Our Quranic Arabic Lessons are designed to meet your needs and keep you engaged and eager to learn. Our tutors will provide support and guidance throughout your learning journey and adjust the curriculum to your developing needs.

Key features of Quranic Arabic online
Taking Quranic Arabic classes online with a dedicated tutor enables you to learn at your pace in the comfort of your home. Learning with an actual person means you can practice what you learn and fully immerse yourself in the language through conversation. Your tutor can apply the lessons to your life, providing real-world examples that are significant to you and helping you learn Arabic faster.
Learning online allows you to pick a schedule that works for you and develop good learning habits around your other responsibilities. An experienced tutor is also great if you want to learn with others or support your children while they learn.

How does learning Arabic with us work?
Enrolling with Jammiaalquran will take you on a stimulating journey as you learn to speak, read, write, and understand Arabic through our online Arabic classes. Our experienced and trusted online tutors use the latest immersive teaching methods and state-of-the-art technology to give you the best possible learning experience.
You can learn Arabic quicker with our comprehensive courses broken down into simple steps to guide you through the learning process, ensuring that you become fluent in the shortest possible time, whether you are learning for personal enrichment, work, or school.

Start by contacting our team and booking a free evaluation session. This will help determine the proper course level for you. Once ready, add your course to the basket, create your account, and receive your secure login and learning information.
Learning Arabic with Jammiaalquran is straightforward. We support you at every step of your journey. Contact us today for more information using the contact form or by emailing us at

We are specialists in teaching online Quranic Arabic lessons
Learning Quranic Arabic is the key to understanding the Quran so students can ponder its depths and attain humbleness. The starting point in our Quranic lessons is exploring basic grammar rules and learning frequently occurring Quranic words. Our teachers make the journey easy and enjoyable until you reach proficiency.

Why learn with us?
We design our Quranic Arabic classes around your needs and abilities. Our courses are flexible, so you can complete as many or as few lessons each week as you need. Our experienced tutors work with you to get exceptional results in the quickest possible time.

Most importantly, learning with Jammiaalquran is enjoyable. We know that when you enjoy your learning, you learn quickly and effectively.

Why choose us for Quranic Arabic lessons?
At Jammiaalquran, we put our students first. We design our online Quranic Arabic classes around you. Our tutors get to know your goals and how you learn. They use the latest teaching methods and technology to help you progress quickly and to get the most from your lessons.

Learning Quranic Arabic with Jammiaalquran is straightforward. Our online Quran Arabic teacher is always here to guide and support your learning and deal with barriers to learning. We begin every new student’s journey with a free evaluation lesson that helps us better understand their needs. We support you at every step of your journey.

Contact us today for more information using the contact form or by emailing us at

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"If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart."

Frequently Asked Questions

You will find answers about our courses here. Please feel free to contact us if there is something we haven't covered in the answers below.

The Quran is available in a variety of languages, but it should be read and memorised in its original Arabic for the best possible experience.  

The best way to learn Quran Arabic is by undertaking Quranic Arabic classes with a qualified native-speaking teacher. Choose classes that provide Arabic for all levels and work with you to obtain your goals. 

Quranic Arabic differs from modern standard Arabic in word use and grammar. Arabic is one of the hardest languages to learn because the script reads from right to left and the complexity of the grammar. However, you can achieve fluency and understanding with the right teacher, excellent Quranic Arabic lessons online, and dedication.  

Through online Quranic Arabic classes, you will learn Quranic grammar and vocabulary. Your tutor will take you through different stages, starting with basic grammar and vocabulary and building to more complex sentences and ideas.  

Fully memorising and understanding the language of the Quran can take two to three years.  With the right Quranic lessons, you can begin to comprehend Quran Arabic in around three months. However, it helps to understand basic Arabic grammar and vocabulary before starting.  

Modern standard Arabic is the closest to Quranic or classical Arabic. The two can be used interchangeably; however, there are words and phrases included in modern standard Arabic that didn’t exist when the Quran was written.  

No, you need an expert teacher to guide you through learning the Quran. It is possible to  read the Quran yourself, but this is very different to learning it, even if you are fluent in 

Arabic. Quranic Arabic lessons online allow you to work with an expert tutor at your pace in the comfort of your own home

No two students learn at the same pace. However, it is possible to gain a basic understanding of Arabic grammar and vocabulary in three to six months. Dedicated students can aim for fluency within a year. 

The easiest way to learn Quran is with Quranic Arabic classes online, taught by experienced and dedicated tutors. Look for classes taught by native speakers who take an immersive communicative approach and are dedicated to teaching and learning.

Learn with the Best

Jammiaalquran is a leading online institute of excellence offering the finest standard of Quranic and Arabic Education worldwide whatever your level. Our approach to learning is ideal for children of all ages and abilities. We fit learning around your needs, so no matter how busy your life, you can learn with us.

A Vision of Excellence

We provide the best possible Quranic and Arabic education to students from the age of four to adult learners.

Find your Level

We cater to those starting their Quranic journey and experienced learners looking to brush up on their knowledge.

Our Mission

We offer all learners a positive, stimulating learning experience that builds self-respect and motivation.

Learning Support

Learn in a small supportive group. Our tutors provide additional support where it is needed.
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