Terms and conditions for Jammiaalquran's website

These are the terms and conditions for Jammiaalquran’s website and all services it provides, and the terms and conditions all students and teachers need to follow.

Copyright and permissions

Jammiaalquran owns all copyright and content on this website. No materials from this website may be reproduced, distributed, altered or stored in any way or form without prior written permission of Jammiaalquran.

Unacceptable site use

Users are prohibited from violating or attempting to violate this site’s security measures, including but not limited to the following.

Using a false password, one belonging to another user, attempting to access data not intended for the user, or logging into an account that a user is not authorised to access.

Disclosing your username and password to another user or third party or failing to inform the institute if your password is compromised.

Attempting to probe, scan, or test the system’s or network’s vulnerability and attempting to breach security or authentication measures without authorisation.

Attempting to interfere with the service of any user host or network, including but not limited to overloading, flooding, mail bombing, or crashing.

Sending unsolicited emails, including promotions or advertising products or services or attempting to impersonate Jammiaalquran to highjack users’ information.

Forging any TCP IP packet or any header or in any email or news posting.

Hijacking all or any part of the site content, deleting or changing any part of the content or linking to the site without our prior permission.

Teachers’ terms and conditions

Applying to work at the institute.

Once we have received your application, our tutor valuation team will process it. If your application is successful and meets our requirements, we will contact you to arrange a suitable day and time for an interview with you and the tutor relations officer.

Once everything is confirmed, we will send you a link to join the interview at the agreed time.

In the interview, the tutor evaluations officer will examine every aspect of your character, teaching style, and the proficiency and depth of knowledge of your specialist subject to ensure you would be a good fit for the institute.

Based on your interview and the decision of the tutor relations officer, we will take the  following steps:

If you have met our high expectations, we will notify you and invite you for a second interview with another tutor relations officer.

We usually decide within seven days of the first interview. If you haven’t heard back from us within seven days, you should assume that your interview was unsuccessful.

We will notify you within seven days if you succeed in your second interview.

We will arrange to call successful applicants to set up your work timetable and answer any questions you might have.

Terms and conditions for both students and teachers

Attendance policy

Students and teachers must both be logged in and online on time. We accept no delays from either teachers or students.

Dress code

Students should ensure their outfit is suitable and modest for the Quran classes.

Rearranged and makeup classes

If a student cannot attend a class, they should message the teacher using the dashboard and rearrange the class for another suitable day.

We will not arrange a makeup class if a student misses a lesson without messaging their teacher at least six hours in advance, except where there is a sudden emergency such as an illness or sudden death in the family.

If a student plans to take a holiday for up to one month, they are eligible to make up those classes. Making up classes can be before or after the holiday.

Teachers’ punctuality

If the teacher is late for a class, the student/parent should message to say they are online. The teacher will make up for any missed time or class. If the student/parent receives no response, they should email support@Jammiaalquran.com or call us.

If the teacher is often late or misses classes, kindly email support@jammiaalquran.com as soon as possible.

Number of monthly classes

The number of monthly classes is agreed upon when students join the institute. If you would like to increase or reduce the number of classes per month, please contact us via phone or email at support@jammiaalquran.com.

Please note that the teacher will inform you of the cancellation of extra classes that exceed the number of classes required.

Your payments are unaffected as we set them according to an hourly or class rate. Example: If you agreed to four classes per month on Saturdays, sometimes there are five Saturdays in one month. We will cancel the fifth class.

Enquiries about the fees

If the student or parent has any enquiries about fees, please contact us via phone or email us at info@jammiaalquran.com.

Payment policy

We take payment in advance of the start of every month from the date you registered at the institute. For example, if you registered on the fifth, the monthly payment will be taken on the fifth of every month.

If we do not receive the payment on that day, we will give a 3-day period where students can make payment. We will suspend the classes until all due funds are cleared in full if the fees are still not received.

Refund policy.

We will refund any untaught classes if you wish to stop the classes at any time during the month.

If you have not completed the number of classes set for the month and you don’t want to make them up during the following month we will deduct these lessons from the next month’s payment and notify the new amount you need to pay.

Male students over 12 years old.

Male students under the age of 12 have a male or female teacher according to the parents’ request. Once the boy turns 12, we kindly ask the parent to move his class to a male teacher if he has been learning with a female teacher.

Please note that his payment plan may change if he has previously shared his class with his siblings or mother.

Teacher allocation.

Students are allocated teachers after registering.

It would typically be the same teacher you did the evaluation session with, depending on the day and times you choose for lessons.

If you have a preferred teacher in mind, the institute will make every effort to accommodate your teacher preferences as long as schedule and location permit.

We expect the teacher we allocate for you or, if possible, the teacher you have

chosen to study with by Allah’s permission will be your teacher until you complete the entire Quran inshallah.

In the unforeseen circumstances, if our teachers move on due to other commitments, we will inform you well in advance and allocate you a new teacher.

We kindly request you don’t keep in touch with your previous teacher outside the institute if they have left.

Quality control

The quality of learning is monitored closely through various procedures such as measuring attendance, discipline, regular teacher training, student feedback, and regular examinations.

Quarterly reports

Parents will receive a quarterly report at the end of each 3-month period. This gives parents the perfect opportunity to review the progress of their children.

Privacy Policy

Jammiaalquran keeps the privacy of students and teachers. All personal information is considered private information that no one has the right to use or copy in any way such as phone numbers, email addresses, etc.

All communication between students and teachers is done through our dashboard messaging system.

Teachers are forbidden to provide students with their contact details, such as personal phone numbers or email addresses.

They are also forbidden to offer private teaching outside the institute.

They are also forbidden from discussing payment with the student.

We kindly request students do not ask for their teacher’s personal contact information or provide teachers with their personal information, such as personal contact number, email address or payment information. Jammiaalquran accepts no responsibility for any loss that occurs as a result of these actions.

Rating and feedback

As a student at Jammiaalquran, your feedback is of paramount importance as our number one priority is ensuring that every student at Jammiaalquran is beyond satisfied. After a couple of lessons, our support department will contact you to ask for your feedback.

Public holidays

The messenger of Allah said you have something better than them on the day of Eid Adha and the day of Eid ul Fitr. Accordingly, we have two main public holidays: Eid Adha, which lasts for three days and Eid Fitr, which lasts for two days. Teachers will reschedule these missed classes.

Complaints policy

We expect students studying the Quran to display high moral character, including manners, following instructions, patience towards class disruption, and completing set homework.

Disrespect towards any teacher or member of staff will not be tolerated.

Any concerns or issues you may have should be addressed with a team member appropriately and raised through email at info@jammiaalquran.com.

Leaving the institute

If the student decides to leave the institute for any reason, we kindly request that they email support@jammiaalquran.com a month before their proposed leaving date and state why they are leaving.  

Fee increase

We may review, modify, or increase the fee packages where necessary. We will let you know in advance if your fee package changes.

Jammiaalquran reserves the right to review, change or modify these terms and conditions where necessary.

Terms and Conditions