13 Mar

Sister Zareefa

Assalamu alaykum brothers and sisters, Jammiaal Quran has helped me massively since I started. I have on been doing lessons every week for 2 months now and I already know 11 surahs. My goal for this year was to learn 7 surahs, but Allhamdulillah, I have surpassed this goal and inshallah it only continues to increase. My teacher is very good, she listens to me carefully and advises me on how to say the words correctly. I learn how to read Arabic alongside actually learning the surahs. My teacher has also taught a little bit about the surahs I have learnt, which is useful as it will help me remember more. The service as a whole is great, they are very responsive and quick to sort out any queries you may have. When I first was looking for Quran classes, I was sceptical about joining Jammiaal Quran, but the brother was very welcoming and non judgemental of my beginners level for Arabic and learning the Quran. Alhamdulillah, that made me feel very welcome and eager to start my Quran journey. Inshallah I continue to progress and inshallah this testimony helps you also start your own Quran journey for the sake of Allah (swt).