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Tips for memorising one page of the Quran speedily

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Quran knowledge:

Holy Quran is the only way to heaven and salvation. The Holy Quran was revealed to the last prophet Hazrat Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), for the benefit of the entire Ummah. Come back to it and follow its sayings in your daily routine to reach a higher level of appreciation in the eyes of the Almighty Allah.

It is essential for Muslims, all men, and women, to have complete knowledge of the Quran. It’s our sacred duty to learn Quran properly and thoroughly. However, some lucky ones take up the challenge of memorising the whole Quran and earn the title of “Hafiz.” Hafiz-e-Quran is a distinguished and respected title, and learning the Qur’an is, in one form or another, the literal goal in the life of every Muslim.

Memorising one page of the Holy Quran:

One without Arabic background can find it difficult to memorise Quran. Many people are committed to their goals, make every possible effort, and learn the whole Quran by heart.

Are you interested in learning Quran? Are you concerned about how much time will be required for memorizing one page, one Ruku (a part of para), or even one verse? Well! According to a general idea, it takes about 25-30 minutes to learn a page of the Quran. However, this depends on various factors, which include a person’s memory, age, and language barrier. Each person has their criteria. It depends on the person and his age. And also, if a person knows the Arabic language and is aware of the Arabic alphabet. Spare some time after each salah you read daily and memorise each verse. Facilitate memorisation by writing each verse of the Quran on a paper after reading it.

You can also attend Quran classes to seek Quran education. Explanations of Surahs can be helpful for you in the long run.

At the beginning of your memorising Quran journey, learning one page will be pretty good because it goes well with telling yourself that you have started with very little; you can go far with consistency. It’s only 20 to 25 minutes which is a little bit and is one of the easiest ways to trick yourself into procrastination.

You don’t even have to finish memorising the whole page; you can select any of these methods according to your learning abilities. I think you should just start learning rather than selecting the amount of study first.

It relies on your Arabic skills, your memory, the time you put on, and your commitment to learning. There are about 6200 verses in the Quran, and if you begin to memorise ten verses daily, it will take almost two years (620 days) to complete the entire Quran. If you recite five verses daily, it will take an average of 3.3 years (1240 days).

Final thoughts:

It depends on an individual, his time, efforts, recitation fluency, and proficiency in tajweed. Memorisation with good tajweed is the best. One should also be focused and don’t distract himself from other commitments.

It will work if you make up your mind and tell yourself that you are doing just a little; this trick will help you a lot in memorising Quran.

You don’t even have to do the entire page a day. All these methods are best; you can adopt any of these according to your abilities. At the start, don’t specify the number of verses to learn; just define the time you will devote to learning because it will be helpful in building your confidence. These are some of the best ways; May Allah blesses you all.

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